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Author Guidelines

Instruction for authors

Paper requirements

Paper should be structured containing following components:

  • statement of the problem in general and its connection with the important scientific or practical tasks;
  • analysis of the recent research and publications in which the considered problem have been studied and which are the basis for the author’s research;
  • singling out of the general problem aspects that have not been solved before with the substantiation of the obtained results;  
  • formulation of the objective and tasks of the paper; statement of the basic material with the substantiation of the obtained results;
  • conclusions for the research and prospects for further studies in the context of the identified area.

Page layout, typographic regulations

  • Format – А4 (210х297).
  • Paper volume – not less than 4 pages of the main text in the “Messenger” format.
  • Font – Times New Roman.
  • Line spacing – 1.
  • Margins: top – 2 cm, bottom – 2 cm, left – 2 cm, right – 2 cm.
  • Indention – 1 cm, in tabulation similar for the whole paper.
  • Inverted commas should be similar for the whole paper (“inverted commas”).
  • Hyphen “-“ (printed without interspaces) and hard-hyphen “‑“ (printed with interspaces) should be differentiated. The sign of hard hyphen “‑“ is printed by means of simultaneous pressing of Ctrl+Shift+hard hyphen keys.  
  • Initials before the surname (e.g., А. B. Romanov), contractions of “p. 5” and other types are printed using the nonbreaking interspace by means of simultaneous pressing of Ctrl+Shift+interspace keys.  
  • Use of letter Ё(ё) in texts in Russian is compulsory.
  • Illustrative material is printed in italics.
  • References in the paper text should be accompanied by the figures in square brackets, first  indicating the position of the cited source in the References, then indicating the page (e.g.: [2, p. 51], sources with multiple volumes are represented as follows: [6, vol. 2, p. 12]). Full stop in the sentences is put after the brackets.
  • UDC is printed in the first line and in the left corner (in bold, font 10).
    NB! UDC should not be copied from the similar publications. All the UDC system data are available on the Internet. If you lack the experience, please, address the scientific and bibliographic departments of the scientific libraries.
  • SURNAME, name, patronymic / SURNAME name (depending on your national traditions) are printed in a line, align center, in bold, font 11. 
  • The fourth line and several following ones contain the data about the author, font 10 (not in bold) in the language of the paper: scientific degree, academic rank, position, place of work, address of the institution, city (town), and country of the institution represented by the author, phone numbers with international and, if necessary, inter-city code, e-mail to contact the author; ORCID ID.  
  • The title of the paper is printed in a line (align center, in capital bold letters, font 12).
  • Summary in the language of the paper (from 120 to 250 words (not more than 2000 type characters) and key-words (5 – 7 words) are printed in a line, font 9, in bold.
  • The text of the paper is printed in a line, font 12.

Data about the author/authors and summaries in Russian (for the papers in Ukrainian or English) and in Ukrainian (for the papers in Russian or in English) as well as in English (for the papers in any language except English) are printed after References part.

Summary requirements

Abstract should represent the text of the paper in brief, repeating its structure. Abstract should contain following points: object, subject, and purpose of the paper; methodology; findings; practical value; and results.

NB! Text of the obligatory English summary should be translated professionally (no Internet translation is allowed). 

If the author lacks knowledge of Ukrainian or Russian, the editorial body can help with the translation of Анотація / Аннотация parts into these languages. 

Formatting of Bibliographical references and References  

Bibliographical references (the title is in bold, font 12) are printed in a line after the paper text in the alphabetical order; they should be formatted according to the requirements of DSTU 8302:2015 “Information and documentation. Bibliographical references. General statements and rules of compiling” (see the examples in the Example of the paper formatting section)

List of references in Bibliographical references should contain not less than 8 positions.

List of references is followed immediately by the References – list of references in Latin alphabet printed in Harvard style. If any source is written in the language using other than Latin alphabet, all the titles should be translated into English; in addition, transliterated variant should be given in square brackets. Transliteration is performed using online Internet resource translit.net.

Following materials are submitted to the editorial board:

  • Paper with summaries and key-words (both printed and electronic (sent via e-mail) variants in Word 97-2003; if Windows is of later versions, then the materials should be saved in .doc and .Rtf versions).
  • Data about the author(s).

Paper and data about the author (authors) should be submitted in separate files which titles should be written in Latin alphabet corresponding to the author’s surname, e.g.: Petrov_statja.doc; Petrov_svedenija.doc.

  • Critical review of a scientific supervisor for the authors without scientific degrees (with the signature of Candidate or Doctor of Sciences of the corresponding area of specialism; the signature is certified by the stamp);

Data about the author(s) (in Russian, Ukrainian, and English)

  • Surname, name, patronymic
  • Scientific degree
  • Academic rank
  • Full name of the institution where the author(s) work(s)
  • Name of the division (faculty, department)
  • Position
  • Postal address of the institution
  • Phone number of the institution
  • Home address
  • Phone number(s) of the author(s)
  • e-mail of the author(s)
  • Title of the paper

The papers are to be reviewed additionally by the experts of the corresponding specialism areas as for their accordance to the requirements in terms of translation, structure, content, and formatting (see the Process of reviewing section). The paper may be given back to the author for refinement or for further updating by the author.  

All the authors are completely responsible for the content of the materials and their correspondence to scientific and ethical standards (see the Publication Ethics section).

Papers that do not meet the formatting requirements are not accepted for publication.  

Publication in the messenger is on a paying basis. When the manuscript is accepted for the publication (the paper is checked for plagiarism and passed internal reviewing), the author gets the information as for the publication fee. To confirm the payment, please, send a scanned copy of the publication payment receipt to the editorial board. 

Address of the editorial board: Oles Honchar Dnipro National University, Faculty of Ukrainian and Foreign Philology, the Department of General and Slavic Linguistics, 72, Gagarin avenue, Dnipro, 49010.

Е-mail: kafedra_UZR@i.ua

Please, discuss all the details of publishing the papers in the journal “Problems of General and Slavic Linguistics” with the deputy executive editor Diachok Nataliia Vasylivna:

Home address: 11/23, Fabrichno-Zavodskaia str., Dnipro, 49089.

Mobile phone number: 050-953-25-81

e-mail: dyachok74natalya@gmail.com; dyachoknatalya@mail.ru

or executive editor Pristaiko Tamara Stepanovna:

Mobile phone number: +380 97 2991946; +380 99 0824467.

e-mail: tamarapristayko@gmail.com

Privacy Statement

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