LEXICAL AND SEMANTIC GROUPS OF MINING TECHNICAL ARTEFACTS NAMES (case study of terms from the conceptual subcategory “Machines”)

Keywords: lexical and semantic group, name, technical artifact, nominative paradigm, reference term


The purpose of the study is to identify and to describe the lexical-semantic groups of the names of mining artefacts that are included in the conceptual subcategory of “Machines”. The object of study is Russian terms-names of mining technical artifacts, the subject is their lexical and semantic groups. The purpose of the study determined the range of tasks: 1) to characterize the method of “Machines” subcategory formation; 2) to identify lexical-semantic groups of machine names; 3) to define the reference terms within the selected lexical-semantic groups. The research material is a corpus of mining technical artifacts with a total volume of more than 3,600 units, formed on the basis of a continuous review of encyclopedic reference books on mining, mining encyclopedia, polytechnical dictionaries of the Russian language, textbooks, manuals and reference books on mining, mining machines, mining complexes for open and underground mining, etc. The following methods have been used: analytical method, quantitative calculation method, component analysis method. As a result of the study, lexical-semantic groups of mining technical artifacts related to the conceptual subcategory “Machines” are identified and described. Practical application of the results is possible in further studies of the category of nomination in the Russian language. Conclusions: 1) the subcategory of “Machines”, represented in our sampling by 1330 lexical units, contains 17 lexical-semantic groups; 2) the basic components of the general technical nature, such as machine, machine-tool, conveyor, combine, and more specialized ones, such as excavator and dredge, possess the greatest nominative potential in various LSG of the subcategory under investigation; 3) in general, each of the LSG and nominative paradigms are open systems, headed by the subcategory name and completed by numerous nomenclature classes.


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